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"Didn't Ask Didn't Tell: The Life of A Gay Christian Soldier"
In this best selling book, Dr. Tosha Parker-Meredith discusses the tumultuous childhood experienced while living through sexual molestation and abuse by the family step-father. Dr. Parker-Meredith also discusses the challenges of growing up as a masculine-identified woman all the while serving in silence in the military during the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" (DADT) era. 

Dr. Parker-Meredith is courageously transparent and authentic about over coming bouts with depression and drinking, and dealing with a then male dominated military. Overcoming these challenges to go on and become a sought-after Motivational Speaker,  Virtual Intellect and Cyber Pastor is a definite page turner! 
Dr. T. Parker-Meredith, Best Selling Author!
A well renown Author, Dr. T. Parker-Meredith has over 6 publications to include the memoir, "Didn't Ask, Didn't Tell" and the best selling series, "Get In The Flow!" 
"Get In The Flow: 7 Principles On Becoming A Wealthy Christian"
"Get In The Flow: 7 Keys to The Kingdom"
"Get In The Flow: Think Like A Millionaire"
​"Get In The Flow: Stir Up The Gifts" (Anticipated Publication 2017)
"Get In The Flow: Living On Purpose" (Anticipated Publication 2017)

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